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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we are following two big stories tonight. wizards taking to court marred by allegations of gun play in the locker room. also dangerously cold conditions blow into d.c. they could be here for quite a while. good saturday, folks, i'm craig melvin. we are feeling the biting cold sting of winter now. it might be a good night to stay inside. whatever you do bring those pets
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inside. if you brave it tonight, bundle up. cover those faces and hands. any exposure to the elements could be dangerous. chuck bell here toñr let us kno how cold it could get and how long. >> yes, indeed. very cold outside this afternoon. temperature didn't make it to the freezing mark in washington today. current temperatures now that the sun has gone down are starting to tumble. already back down into the mid 20s. 25 degrees at national airport right now. 23 in fairfax county. 20 degrees in martinsburg. here are our wind chills. single digits a low teens across the area. a very cold night coming. wind advisory is up. winds will stay at 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained the rest of tonight and through tomorrow, as well. as a result, a wind chill advisory posted for the high spots west of the blue ridge into the mountains of west virginia. wind chills there minus 5 to minus 15over night tonight. single digits to around 10 degrees here inçó town. also the stream of moisture coming off the great lakes,
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winter storm warnings up for far western maryland and mountains of west virginia. no snow here in the metro area. as much as six inches of snow as far as far western maryland and southern pennsylvania for most of the overnight hours. that stream of moisture will continue through tomorrow, as well. be ready for very cold weather. that strof goi to continue blowing down into the area for the rest of tonight and for tomorrow. the winds will ease up but the cold air is here to stay. i'll have all the details of that and the seven-day forecast coming up. >> chuck bell, thanks. wizards and their fans getting ready to descend on verizon center. the team is about to take the court for the first time since new allegations emerged of teammates pulling guns inside the locker room. derrick ward has that report tonight. >> reporter: the incident occurred december 21st, before a team practice in the locker room. it's alleged that gilbert arenas
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and javarus crittenton. there's been no admission any drawdown between arenas and crittenton. fans headed to this evening's game says the allegations are troubling this. gentleman who is taking a group of young athletes to the game says there is a teachable moment here. >> we talked about it on the way up. it's a scary thing. you think people's professional athletes on this level would know better to stay away from things like that. >> that was derrick ward for us tonight. we are following a developing story near the verizon cter tonight. downtown d.c., police cleared the scene of a suspicious package right next to verizon. it all started around 4:00 this afternoon when someone saw what appeared to be a pipe under a truck that was parked at 6th and s streets. the block was evacuated while
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the bomb squad investigated. that was just a cup holder. president obama confirmed today an al qaeda group in yemen ordered that attempted christmas day terror attack. mr. obama says the group trained and armed the 23-year-old nigerian man accused in the plane bombing. the united states plans to more than double its counterterrorism aid to the poor country. >> no one travels to yemen. it appears he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and that this group al qaeda in the arabia peninsula trained him, equipped him with explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> a top u.s. counterterrorism official warned today that al qaeda and others will continue to test u.s. dissents. a virginia teenager led police
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on a high-speed chase that ended in a deadly shootout. it started yesterday when officers tried to pull over ñr 18-year-old colby everett for taking a man's truck without his permission. police say he ranñr away then stole a deputy's car. virginia state police went after him. police say he taunted authorities through the police radio. >> y'all going to have to try to [ bleep ] kill me. you stalk my prey. >> the teenager crashed the police car, got out and started firing at officers and deputies. police fired back and killed him. all the officers involved in that shooting are on paid leave tonight. investigators are trying to figure out why the teenager started shooting in the first place. a funeral was held today for the 11-year-old salisbury girl
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whose body was found christmas day. more than 3,000 volunteers spent three days searching for sarah haley foxwell. some of those volunteers were among the nearly thousand mourners at her funeral. thomas leggs jr, a registered sex offender has been charged with kidnapping in connection with the case. somali pirates hijacked another ship off the coast of somalia. this time it is a british flag vessel, the fourth ship seized in the area this week. that ship was transporting cars a chemical tank in singapore. the crew appears to be safe tonight. somali pirates made tens of millions of dollars by seizing ships for ransom in the gulf of aiden which links europe to asia. shoppers will have to pay for bags at grocery and liquor stores. that change does not have to cost you anything. we'll tell you how you can cash in on promotions straight ahead. also, little too much new year's eve revelry?
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in sports, the caps try to start things off right in 2010. a local kid considering leaving college early for the nfl. george mason roars into the new year. snubbed by the pro-bowl. >> one final opportunity. >> extra padding locker room. >> on the next redskins showtime.
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here is one way not to kick off the new year. two revelers in san francisco thought it would be a good idea to park their truck in the middle of the highway there. california highway patrol officers tried to moveñi them o the road, but it wasn't so easy. they first had to wake up the driver who was able to walk out. that guy was not, asñi you can e there. the passenger was so out of it he had to be dragged and carried to the police cruiser. both men were arrested. there is a secret millionaire among us. first though, it's only the second day but already the d.c. back tax is getting mixed reviews. gonere the days of automatically getting that free plastic bag at checkout counter. d.c. shoppers now have to take their own bag or if you don't have one stores will provide oni a bag charge. proceeds will help clean up the anacostia river. law makers hope the bag tax will
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make d.c. more ñieco-friendly. some shoppers argue it's not convenient in these tough economic times. >> i +ï-jeuiáuu(id.çó i don't see the point. >> i think it's great. i wrote a letter to walmart, an e-mail to walmart about six months ago asking them to do the same thing. they never answered, of course.i it's a very good thing in terms of ecology. >> several grocery stores and with that transition. giant and safeway are giving shoppers a reusable bag with every purchase until the next week or they last. harris teeter will give a reusable bag with the purchase of $20 through january. cvs giving bags away. there is a secret millionaire among us. one of three winning tickets in
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the virginia lottery was sold at the shell station in burke, virginia. two other lucky people bought tickets in richmond and yorktown. still ahead, a curious dog in a dangerous situation in an icy pond. the local rescuers that came out to save that hound. also, this dangerously cold weather could be around for a while.
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a relaxing new year's day
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turned terrifying for a northern virginia family. their dog escaped the backyard and fell through a frozen pond. the emergency rescue all caught on camera. news4 elaine reyes has that story from fredericksburg, virginia. >> reporter: this 65-pound bassett hound appears to have nine lives. perhaps her name indicates an extra edge with survival skills. >> angel is our little -- she's our first born. she is the oldest. >> reporter: because this droopy-eyed 3 2-ye-old dog spent new year's day fighting for her life. >> i was up in the kitchen. all of a sudden i started hearing yelling. i looked out the window and saw angel right there just treading water, trying to get out. my husband said call 911, call 911. i ran back in the house and i was crying, i think. i was hysterical. i said i don't know if you're allowed to call 911 for dogs,
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but my dog is in the lake. >> reporter: this is camera phone video of the rescue. in the middle of the screen is angel, body half submerged treading water. that's fredericksburg firefighters in the boat. >> our guys came in, had a little boat. put the boat in the water. had to work a hard time getting through the ice, but they did a great job. >> i have two children and it was like one of my children were out there. it was terrifying. it was terrifying. >> reporter: angel is doing just fine after her icy adventure. she is playing around like nothing ever happened. her owners say it's her curiosity that gets her into trouble. >> this is not the first time she's done something like this. she did it last year when the pond froze over. a dog is like a child and they are part of the family. >> reporter: angel's family is working to get a taller, more permanent fence so this never happens again. elaine reyes, news4.
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angel's owners tell news4 she hates water and never goes near the pond in warmer weather. they believe she escaped the backyard to get to a nearby dog park. >> i like the sounds of that one. a hound dog will follow its nose to whatever it smeels. >> it is cold outside. >> angels brings up a good point i mentioned this morning. that ice is too thin. angel only weighs 65 pounds. that's as much as any small kid. the ice you see on the local ponds and creeks and streams and lakes is way too thin. do not venture out on it or you're going to end up on video. i promise you that water is icy cold. outside, we had a windy and cold day today. temperature didn't even make it to the freezing mark at reagan national airport. there you see the wind whipping up the white caps on the potomac river this afternoon. not a good day to be on the outside. 30 our high temperature after a 24 degree start. it's our current low temperature for the day.
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winds out of the northwest at 25 miles per hour, putting the wind chill at a big 9, 9 grees. bundle up. if you have to go outside tonight, dress in layers. lots of hot fluids, coffee, tea, hot chocolate all good ideas for going out in the cold this evening. 25 in town, 23 in prince george's county. 20 degrees in martinsburg. the wind chill, the other half of the equation out there, single digits to aroun 10 degrees. that's not going to improve during the overnight hours tonight. snow showers in far southwestern pennsylvania, streams of moisture coming off the great lakes could add up to as much as six inches of snow or more over the next day or so. in and around town we are going to have a mix of clouds and sunshine again tomorrow. that long fetch of cold air literally coming from the northern parts of canada all the way dune through the great plains. temperatures across the upper midwest dropping into the teens
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below zero last night. they'll be that cold again for tonight. our futurecast model, s that packing of these lines here? those are isobars which are lines of constant pressure. the more tightly packed together, the stronger winds are. winds will stay up overnight tonight through the day tomorrow, as well. winds will ease up after the sun goes down tomorrow. we'll be left with cold air around here. a chance of a little bit of light snow and snow flurries as we get into the day on monday. no accumulation is expected here in town. conversational snow flakes, nonetheless. party cloudy, windy and cold. single digit chills the rest of your evening hours. mid to high-level clouds drifting overhead. tonight a windy and cold start tomorrow morning. air temperatures 10 to 18. wind chills near or below zero. again by tomorrow morning. if you're headed out for sunday services, dress in your warm layers. take your extra precautions. tomorrow during the day, partly sunny. repeat performance of today, windy and cold.
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the seven-day forecast is a cold one. be ready for that. conversational snow flakes possible on monday. without the wind around it will feel warmer. high near 35 tuesday. 37 on wednesday. as we head towards the end of the week there will be another shot of moisture coming our way bringing us at least a chance of snow as we get into the day on friday. temperatures are going to be below average for it looks like all the next seven days. no temperatures above 40 in the foreseeable future. bundle up. >> i like conversational snow flakes. >> it's better than the shovable snow. >> chuck bell, thanks. when we come back, george mason looking to bounce back from a tough loss. the caps trying to grab a win before leaving for the west coast.
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the best sports team from d.c. out west. >> this is a team you can celebrate the new year with. you can rock the red with. this is the team that might win a championship. >> the only team. >> right. in the near future, yes. >> the capitols didn't end 2009 on a proverbial good note with two straight losses. today the caps hoping to start the new year off on the right skate in los angeles. in their previous two games, bruce boudreau and the caps were outscored 5-0. kings on the power play. ryan smith gets e rebound.
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puts it in. 1-0, kings. caps outshot 11-4 in the period but only gave up one goal. early in the second, caps on the power play. tom poti. caps tie the game at 1-1. his tenth goal of the season. right now caps trail 2-1 in the third. college hoo now. in george mason's final game of the calendar year they suffered a 27-point loss, one of the its worst defeats in program history. first game of the new year, how about an impressive victory against the same team who upset mighty georgetown a few weeks ago? we are at the patriots center. hosting old dominion. under five seconds to play in the first half. ken long to luke hancock in the corner. shoots. gets the members' bounce. george mason leads at the break. mason turns up the pressure at both ends. mike morrison gives it to isaiah
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tate. morrison had 15 points. later in the second half, patriots turns more defense into offense. morrison forced the bad shot. wright leads the break. check this out. nice bounce pass to ryan pierceson. gege mason rolled in the new year with a 71-55 win. coach pleased about that. >> i'm very proud of the kids. had an awful performance on wednesday night. had to take thursday actually off because of ncaa rules. we had one day to prepare for a terrific old dominion team. this is all about defense and toughness,ebounding the basketball. we came to play both. we rebounded and we defended. college football now. former friendly high school standout and florida junior joe hayden will make an official announcement tomorrow regarding his senior season in gainesville. hayden is the number one ranked cornerback in the country. i spoke to his florida today
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meeting with nfl and school officials abt the decision. several nfl mock drafts have hayden going as high as 11 to the san francisco 49ers. hayden helped florida win a national championship last season. last night he and the gators crushed cincinnati in the sugar bowl. florida's urban meyer taking an indefinite leave of absence. looking to pass but throws it back to tony pike. looking deep for his receiver. guess who it is? joe hayden. great coverage. brks up the pass. hayden also had six tackles in the game. how about mr. tim tebow? what a game it was. florida up 23-7. tebow goes up top and deep to his roommate reilly cooper. 80-yard connection for the touchdown. tebow 31-35, 482 yards passing. three tds. late third quarter, tebow can't find anyone open. he's good on his legs.
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runs in untouched for the score. gators cruise 51-24. cue the gatorade. urban meyer gets the gatorade bath drench. tebow finished with 533 total yards, four touchdowns setting a new bcs record. down a level, this is brandon coleman, 6'6" wide receiver from forestville, maryland. they are punting awaichlt dorsey fields it for the black team here off the bounce. he loses it and mr. coleman in the right place at the right time scoops it up and takes it 26 yards for the touchdown. that was the white team's only score in the game. the black team beats the white team 32-7. coleman is considering maryland, boston college, rutgers and virginia tech. could be a hokey. could be a terp, too. washington redskins touched down in san diego. last game of this dreadful
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season. what do we think happens out there? the face says it all. >> that about sums it up. >> you know what though? they are playing their bench guys. there is a chance. there is always a chance to win on sundays. any given sunday it could happen. >> quickly tonight, folks who do go out are looking at? >> cold, cold, cold all with capital letters out there. wind chills in the single digits now and below zero by morning time. bundle up. >> see you back at 11:00.
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